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My name is Jenna Crandall. I am a 28 year old wife, mother, and photographer! I am married to the best, most supportive man on the planet and together we have 2 beautiful daughters (7 and 3 years old), there is nothing I love more than my family! We recently moved to SOUTHERN UTAH and I am so excited to build a clientele down here. I love people, I love emotion, and I am the biggest empath. I'm overly clumsy, I laugh way too loud, and I am happiest with a diet Dr. Pepper and a camera in my hand. 

I love to tell stories. My whole life I wanted to be a writer. I was a creative writing major in college and loved putting pen to paper to tell intricate, intimate love stories. I would spend hours and hours writing fictional love stories every day. Wedding photography has taken my love for story telling to a whole new level. Now I get to tell REAL love stories through images for REAL PEOPLE! I have absolutely fallen in love with what I do because it has taken my childhood dream and turned it into a reality in a way I didn't even know was possible!

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My Story

I started doing photography in 2017 and shot my first wedding in March of 2018. That first wedding I shot got featured on Utah Valley Bride, a popular Utah bridal magazine, and from there my career took off. I love all things couples, weddings, and love! I have close to 200 weddings and I am in love with what I do! 

I am loud, overly clumsy, I laugh way too much and way too hard, and I genuinely care about YOU! I care about your happiness and the happiness of everyone involved in your special day. I want to be there for you and help you any way I can. I want to capture your most treasured and timeless memories. I believe that every couple deserves to feel effortlessly loved, beautiful, and confident on their wedding day and it is MY JOB to make you feel that way! I promise to be your ultimate hype girl and I will give you all of the posing and guidance you need to feel as comfortable and confident as possible so that I can give you the photos you've always dreamed of!

I have spent years finding and creating my own unique and individual editing style. I love bold, true to color edits, sunsets, light, and intimate moments. I take pride in my presets and editing because it is entirely created by me and with it, I am be able to give all of my clients modern yet timeless images they can cherish forever! 

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